1). Are these autographs real? Yes, ALL of our autographs are real and have been obtained in person by ourselves. We are one of only a handful in person autograph dealers in the country.

2). How can i trust that you obtain your autographs in person? 2). How can i trust that you obtain your autographs in person? Good question, we will do every thing we can to prove to you that our items are real. We have attended all the major collector shows like Collectormania Milton Keynes and Memorabilia NEC since DAY 1. I (Earl Brown) have been collecting and dealing in memorabilia since 1984. In all those years i have never encountered any problems / bad press with collectors or other dealers. As this is all we do full time, we never have or never will deal in non obtained in person items as one bad item would cast a shadow over every thing. 

3). Do you have any photo proof of people signing for you? Yes, we have loads and loads of photo proof from photos of people signing to photos we have had taken with the celebrities, here are a few;

4). Do your items come with certificates of authenticity? Yes, all of our autographs come with a CERTIFICTE OF AUTHENTICITY.

5). How do you manage to get all your autographs? We have been collecting autographs in person for over 10 years. In this time we have built up good contacts including paparazzi, PRs, hotel staff etc. We do get good tips from time to time and in return we give out good tips. A lot of autographs come from us out collecting in London at film premieres, theatres, hotels, restaurants, awards and parties. We do also collect outside of the UK, over the years we have collected at the Cannes film festival, Sundance film Festival, New York, Germany, France.

6). How come you have multiple autographs of the same person? We always try to get more than one autograph, this is sometimes easy and sometimes impossible. On one day someone could be nice and you could get lucky and get a few and on other day you might not even get one. This is the ups and downs of being an autograph collector/dealer.

7). Do you attend any of the big conventions? Yes, we attend all the big shows in the UK and lots overseas. 

8). What are the upcoming shows that you will be attending? We will keep you posted with shows we aim to attend. Check back soon.

9). How can i pay for this item? Your purchases can be made online with a debit or credit card through the use of PAYPAL website payments. We also have a debit and credit card machine here in the office that is set up to take telephone orders so please contact us on (01580) 755857. We do also accept cheques and postal orders but the cheques would need to be cleared prior to items being posted, please call for details.

10). Can i give u list of autographs i would like? Yes, you can send us a list through and we will do our best.

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